ITER’s renewable energy division comprises the departments of photovoltaics, wind power and sustainable architecture. Its lines of work feature renewable energy projects to help increase the contribution of renewables to the island’s energy mix. In this vein, ITER has installed photovoltaic power plants totalling 41MW, and has 13.16MW installed across three wind parks.

This division also provides a number of related services, including the design and manufacture of related components and equipment (photovoltaic modules, support structures, inverters, etc) and the operational and maintenance tasks required by the these facilities. These services are carried out by the Centre for the Operation and Maintenance of Renewables Facilities, and the CCG-ITER generation control centre.

Another main activity of this division is research, development and innovation (R&D) in the field of renewable energy. Projects focus mainly on the study and improvement of the processes for obtaining clean energy from the main natural energy resources of the Canary Islands. The priority areas have been: the development of smart grids to optimise power supply, the integration of renewable energies in buildings and R&D in the field of advanced techniques for sustainable architecture and urban development.

This division is also working on development cooperation and technology transfer, with the ultimate aim of improving the living conditions of local people in developing countries through the use of renewable technologies.


Project MAC Interreg Territorial Cooperation Programme 2014-2020
Project Sosturmac



Sustainable revaluation of natural and architectural heritage and development of low carbon tourism initiatives in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde




Desarrollo de un avión solar remotamente pilotado de aproximadamente 2 metros de envergadura para misiones de vigilancia



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Sistema de mantenimiento predictivo de aerogeneradores capaz de informar de cualquier anomalía en las diferentes partes que conforman la multiplicadora.

Project Conductive inks

Conductive inks


Production of conductive inks for the deposition of metallic contacts by screen printing for third generation solar cells.

Project Party de la energía

Party de la energía


A large format floor game that allows students to learn about renewable energies and energy saving while playing.

Facility Bioclimatic houses

Bioclimatic houses


The 24 houses have been developed in accordance with bioclimatic architecture criteria, in synchrony with the environment and the climate.

Facility Photovoltaics laboratory

Photovoltaics laboratory

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Infrastructure established with the aim of contributing to the development and consolidation of new techniques for producing photovoltaic cells.