ITER’s technology division consists of a highly-qualified multidisciplinary team involved in projects related to the use of ICTs (information and communication technologies) and other state-of-the-art technologies to help society address challenges such as those posed by climate change, the digital skills gap or the rising demands of an ageing population, among others.

The division has at its disposal high-investment facilities deployed under the ALiX initiative, which aims to establish a foundation for the application of ICTs and the knowledge economy.

We encourage research in other areas, both within the organisation and through external collaborations. Our engineering activities (in electronics, computer science and telecommunications) and our use of state-of-the-art R&D facilities seek to overcome geographical, technological and developmental barriers.


Project MAC Interreg Territorial Cooperation Programme 2014-2020


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Mejora de la atención socio-asistencial de la Macaronesia a través de herramientas tecnológicas aglutinadas en una Plataforma en la nube.



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Maximización y personalización del confort del huésped en alojamientos hoteleros mediante sistemas de gestión inteligente y automatizada.

Project IonGAP



Product pipeline involving the assembly and subsequent sequence analysis of bacterial genomic data Ion Torrent.

Facility Teide HPC

Teide HPC


High Performance Computing infrastructure, managed by ITER and located in the D-ALiX datacentre.

Facility D-ALiX



One of the three axes of the ALiX project. High availabilty datacentre that offers infrastructures as services.

Facility Electronics laboratory

Electronics laboratory


Laboratory located in ITER's facilities. Fully equipped for circuit fabrication, prototyping and testing.

Product Tenerife TV channel

Tenerife TV channel

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On-line television platform of the Tenerife island council designed to host the multimedia content generated as well as live broadcasts.